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Planet Fitness Student Discount: Planet Fitness is a brand that provides a workout environment that will enable anyone to achieve their workout goals effectively.

It is an ideal brand for anyone looking to use a gym service that is not expensive, and the company has seasoned experts that provide all forms of assistance to their customers.

For now, Planet Fitness does not offer any student discounts. However, this brand is still a great choice for any student because its services are quite affordable.

So, if you want to find out about Planet Fitness, read this article from beginning to end.

It contains an overview of Planet Fitness, the top reasons why you should choose Planet Fitness, how you can become a member; and the alternatives to Planet Fitness.

An Overview Of Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is a fitness company that runs a chain of gyms in the United States. This company offers its services at affordable rates, which is a major reason it has become popular all over the country.

Planet Fitness offers a welcoming environment that allows people to work out comfortably.

This company has numerous experienced fitness professionals that provide their customers with all the help that they need to achieve their fitness goals.

Moreover, Planet Fitness is currently one of the biggest fitness brands in the United States. It has more than 2,200 locations across the United States.

Top Reasons To Use Planet Fitness

Here are some of the advantages of patronizing Planet Fitness:

1. 24 hours of accessibility

Planet Fitness facilities can be accessed at any time of the day. Thus, no matter how busy you are, you can always go there to work out whenever you are free.

This gym is a good option for those that have 9–5 jobs or those that have a busy family life. Also, if you are someone that prefers working out at night, Planet Fitness is an excellent choice for you.

2. A large variety of equipment

Planet Fitness offers lots of fitness equipment that will enable you to achieve your fitness goals quickly and more effectively.

Also, the presence of many options makes working out fun and stops your body from getting used to one exercise, which can hinder you from making any reasonable advancement.

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3. Flexibility

Despite the fact that Planet Fitness has experts on standby to assist you with working out effectively, you have the right to do your personal program at any Planet Fitness gym center.

You can switch programs whenever you like and reduce the pace of the workload when it is taking a toll on you.

4. Professional assistance

Working out at any Planet Fitness location is an excellent choice because this company has numerous experts on the ground who can help you achieve your workout goals, even if you are tempted to quit halfway through.

They do this by introducing you to fresher programs that you have not tried out before and guiding you on the appropriate volume of work that you should do in a day to prevent burnout.

5. An exciting social environment

Planet Fitness offers an exciting workout environment that is perfect for people who love to socialize and connect with other people.

This is because Planet Fitness is a gym that is patronized by so many people from all classes, which creates an avenue for you to meet new people and make new friends.

Planet Fitness Student Discount

Planet Fitness does not offer any student discounts at the moment. And for now, no one knows if they will release a student discount.

Still, if you are a student, you might be able to sign up at one of their branches that offers a student discount, since all of their physical centers are run independently and not by one central board.

Planet Fitness Student Discount

What Is The Cost Of A Planet Fitness Membership

Planet Fitness has two membership options, namely:

1. The classic membership

The class membership is available at a monthly rate of $10.

This option gives you full access to all of the gym’s facilities, free fitness training, free internet, and a lot of other great deals.

2. The Black Card membership

The Black Card membership is available at a monthly rate of $22.99.

This option allows you to access any Planet Fitness center in the world; come along with a guest whenever you are going to the gym; enjoy massage services; and several other amazing features.

How To Sign Up For Planet Fitness

You can sign up for a Planet Fitness membership by following the steps below:

  • Go to any physical Planet Fitness center in your vicinity.
  • Once you arrive, tell any of their staff there that you want to sign up for a Planet Fitness membership, and he or she will snap a picture of you, which will be used for your membership profile.
  • Before you decide on a membership, you can try out their facilities by going to one of their free fitness training sessions.
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Alternatives To Planet Fitness

Here are other brands that you can trust if there is no physical Planet Fitness center close to you:

1. Youfit Gyms

Youfit Gyms are one of the best alternatives to Planet Fitness. This brand has several locations scattered all over the US.

Youfit Gyms is a brand that can be trusted for top-notch equipment and they boast seasoned physical trainers that are experienced at the job.

Moreover, the YouFit brand collects a monthly basic membership fee of $10 only, which grants access to several amenities from the company.

However, those that want to enjoy premium services can do so by paying a monthly charge of $24.99, while a premium service that comes with a diet program that will keep you in the best shape is available at a monthly cost of $39.99.

2. Anytime Fitness

This is a household name as far as workouts are involved.

Anytime Fitness, as the name implies, offers its services round the clock, which allows its members to access its facilities at any time of the day or night.

Moreover, all their centers are fully equipped with machines and equipment that will enable one to achieve their fitness goals effectively.

Members of the Anytime Fitness club can also enjoy tanning services and personal training routines that are very effective.

This workout brand has about 5,000 physical centers all over the world and their monthly membership rate comes at a cost of $41.


The YMCA offers a wide variety of workout equipment that will enable anyone to achieve their physical body goals.

This company has stationary treadmills, exercise bikes, and several other first-rate technological devices that facilitate workouts.

Moreover, the YMCA offers lots of classes to speed up the workout targets of its customers, and its membership fee is reasonably priced.

It is an excellent alternative to Planet Fitness.

4. LA Fitness

No list of alternatives to Planet Fitness can be complete without the addition of Planet Fitness.

This brand has several gym locations all over the United States.

Moreover, does offer a wide variety of equipment that can be found at Planet Fitness or other brands on this list.

However, their programs are highly effective and they offer facilities like spas and pools that are super cool. You can sign up for the basic membership package at LA Fitness for only $29.95 per month.

5. Cardinal Fitness

Cardinal Fitness is a gym brand that is comparable to Planet Fitness in every way.

This company has lots of gym equipment like treadmills and steppers that enhance workouts.

The basic membership package of Cardinal Fitness is available at the cost of $10 per month, which offers restricted benefits.

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However, to enjoy better benefits when using Cardinal Fitness, subscribe to the premium package that comes at a monthly cost of $19.95 only.

It is an excellent alternative to Planet Fitness.

Frequently Asked Questions on Planet Fitness Student Discount:

How much does it cost to start working out at Planet Fitness?

A 12-month subscription to Planet Fitness is $49 total ($49 one-time fee, $49 yearly fee), $10 per month, and $10 per month for the base membership.

What is Planet Fitness HydroMassage?

With HydroMassage, members can enjoy a massage without having to disrobe. The use of hot water in HydroMassage beds and couches is said to be very therapeutic.

Is Planet Fitness good for beginners?

With that out of the way, Planet Fitness is a serviceable place for fitness newbies. Probably within a few months, most people would outgrow it, but it’s a wonderful location to get used to working out in a gym and learn how to utilize the various resistance machines.

Can you pay for a one-day workout at Planet Fitness?

A non-member or non-PF Black Card® guest pays the day fee to use the gym for one day. People who want to join can try out the facility for a day before deciding to join.


Planet Fitness is one of the best gym brands in the United States at the moment.

Being a member of Planet Fitness is great because the company is open 24 hours a day, so you can work out whenever you want.

It also has a lot of equipment that you won’t find in most gyms, and there are professionals there to help you with anything you need.

Moreover, Planet Fitness does not offer any discounts at the moment because all their physical locations are run independently.

But as a student, you can still use their services if you sign up for either their $10/month classic membership plan or their $22.39/month Black Card membership plan, which has more perks.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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