Purple Heart Scholarship (Meaning, Medal, Application, Deadline) 2022

Purple Heart Scholarship

The Purple Heart Scholarship is one of the most prestigious honors bestowed upon heroes. They have access to advantages and funding as a result of this competitive scholarship.

This article describes the Purple Heart Medal award and the Purple Heart Scholarship, as well as the conditions for the scholarship and how or what you need to be eligible for it.

What is the Purple Heart Medal?

The Purple Heart Medal is a military combat medal granted and handed by the President of the United States to members of the country’s military.

The Military Order of the Purple Heart is an organization created for the protection and safety of all the individuals who have been awarded the medal. The members are composed of only Purple Heart recipients.

When the soldier get killed in or died due to the injuries that happened in action, the award or medal is presented to the next of kin.

The Purple Heart Scholarship is one of the benefits that is made available for Purple Heart recipients.

To become a member of the Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH), a purple Heart recipient should apply online through the MOPH website.

What is the Purple Heart Scholarship?

The Military Order of the Purple Heart established the Purple Heart Scholarship program to provide financial assistance to recipients of the Purple Heart Medal and their families.

Despite the fact that the scholarship is a highly competitive program, there are specific conditions and things that must be had or obtained to be considered for the award.

The Purple Heart scholarship committee is strict in evaluating and considering all applications that are timely filed and meet all eligibility standards.

Moreover, there are different aspects of the application that is expected to and will be evaluated by the committee.

The scholarship recipient’s institution or university can influence how the scholarship funds are spent or used because the Purple Heart scholarship cheques must be signed by both the student and the school.

This may influence the degree of financial aid that the students will receive at the end.

The amount of the scholarship fund each year may vary or change depending on the funding levels.


  • Apply at the MOPH website
  • Email: scholarship@purpleheart.org.
  • Phone and fax of 703-642-5360 and 703-642-2054, respectively.

The Committee evaluates the following aspects:


The individual who is applying for the Purple Heart Scholarship must be a member of one of the following divisions or classifications:

  • A member of the Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH) who is a Purple Heart recipient;
  • The partner or spouse of the above individual;
  • Direct lineal descendent of a member of MOPH who is a Purple Heart recipient (for example, the child, adopted and step-children, grandchild or step-grandchild)
  • The direct lineal descendent or the spouse (whether a widow or widower) of a Purple Heart recipient listed as wounded or killed in action.

For individuals who meet the condition stated above, supporting evidence and paperwork must be included and submitted within the application.

To be eligible for a Purple Heart, the recipient must be a current or past MOPH member.

Moreso, the great-grandchildren of these individuals aren’t eligible.


An applicant for the Purple Heart scholarship should be able to meet the below requirements:

  • An upcoming graduate or graduate or GED program or a high school;
  • Admission into an accredited United States university, college or trade school as a full-time undergraduate student at the period the scholarship is awarded;
  • Maintain at least a CGPA of 2.75 when on a 4.0 grading system.


Hopefully, this essay has clarified and broadened your understanding of the Purple Heart scholarship.

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