How To Get Razer Student Discount (FAQs)

Razer Student Discount: Razer is a company that is into the development and sales of numerous electronic accessories, especially those used for gaming as well as consumer goods.

This company has made a name for itself in the industry and is currently a popular brand that is trusted by many people all over the world.

Razer, like the majority of its competition, offers student discounts to students that buy items from its store. However, only students who fulfill some terms can access these discounts.

So, if you are one of those students that is a gaming freak, this article on the Razer student discount is tailor-made for you.

It will help you learn more about the company and show you how to get not only the Razer student discount but also a number of other discounts the company offers.

About Razer

Razer was founded in 1998 as a subsidiary of Karna LLC.

This company makes lots of other products like gaming PCs and gaming tablets, as well as computer accessories like mouse mats, gamepads, and keyboards.

According to research, it is understood that Razer’s DeathAdder gaming mouse is a very popular product in the world among gamers.

This brand has made lots of positive contributions to the gaming world.

Razer Student Discount

Razer currently offers a student discount of 20%.

However, no one knows for now if the company will cut off the discount in 2023 or increase its value.

Moreover, students are still eligible for other discounts offered by Razer, even though they cannot combine them with the student discount when buying multiple items from the store at once.

But everyone knows that Razer only gives student discounts to certain students who pass the company’s verification steps.

For example, in some cases, students may have to show their ID cards or academic transcripts.

Besides using the student discounts offered through their educational mail, students can follow Razer Students on social media to stay abreast with new exclusive deals offered by the company to students.

Still, all students should know that any discount Razer gives to students ends when they graduate from school.

Razer Student Discount

Requirements For Razer Student Discount 2023

The Razer student discount will be open to any student that fulfills the following conditions:

  • Students must have an outstanding academic record, as reflected by their high CGPA
  • Students must be studying at any accredited university, college, high school, or technical school.
  • Students must show enough evidence of their studentship at

How To Obtain The Razer Student Discount

Follow these steps if you are a student and want to get the Razer student discount:

  • Visit the official website of the company.
  • Sign up for an account using your .edu email address.
  • Tap on “Get Discount”
  • Once you have been successfully verified, you will receive a student discount of 20% from the company. However, this discount can only be used independently and not collectively with other discounts.

How To Obtain The Razer Student Discount If You Are Not In North America

If you are a student at an accredited university outside of North America, you can get a discount from Razer by doing the following:

  • Go to your school’s website or talk to someone at the student center to get your enrollment ID.
  • Send your academic transcript directly to Razer through your registrar’s office or an academic advisor.
  • Submit a copy of your visa or passport as well as your residency card to show that you are studying at an accredited college that is not within North America.

How To Obtain The Razer Student Discount Card In 2023

The discount card, which could be in the form of a plastic credit card or a paper slip, enables a student to shop for certain items from the Razer store at discounted rates.

Razer normally gives student discount card to those that shop with them regularly or sells them to members.

However, only students that are eligible for the Razer student discount can request a Razer student discount card.

An application for the Razer student discount card can be done on their official website.

Students can still contact the customer care representatives of the company for further assistance.

Does Razer Offer Discounts To Their Members Online?

Razer does not offer lots of discounts to its online members. However, the company rewards them through the Razer royalty program, which comes in 3 levels.

Every online member begins at level one when they sign up for the program.

But as they keep shopping more from Razer, they are promoted to higher levels, which offer more rewards, of course, as well as access to the Razer Silver program.

The Razer royalty program offers amazing incentives like special promotions, exclusive amazing deals, and several others.

Anyone who signs up for this program for the first time receives a ten-pound price reduction and a reward of 1,000 Razer Silver on their first purchase, even if they can still get a piece of Razer gear.

Also, if a student chooses to shop at a Razer store instead of using their online store, Razer gives him or her a Razer Silver as a reward for being a loyal customer.

Razer Silver

RazerSilver is the main rewards program of the company. People that register to become members of this program receive points in return.

Moreover, members of the RazerSilver program can acquire points when they shop at Razer.

Once these points have accumulated to a reasonable value, they can be used to shop for something cheap at a Razer store.

RazerSilver accumulated by any member can be used to participate in certain special events. Furthermore, any member who spends $1 in Razer Gold at once can earn up to 50 Razer Silver.

Razer Coupons And Promotional Codes 2023

Razer offers lots of coupons and promotion codes that cut down the prices of certain items for their customers.

Customers can still shop for discounted items on special days like Memorial Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas Day.

Moreover, people can save money when shopping at Razer by subscribing to the email newsletters of the company that offers a $10 voucher.

This company also offers special deals when they are selling repaired versions of their best-selling items.

Moreover, Razer offers a $10 voucher to their customers who buy items collectively worth $99 or more from their store.

Also, if a customer gets someone else to sign up for an account with the company, they can get Razer silver, which can be used to get special deals and items.

Frequently Asked Questions on Razer Student Discount

Is Razer a Japanese company?

Razer was started in 2005 and has offices in Irvine, California, and Singapore. Regional offices are in Hamburg and Shanghai. Razer has 19 offices around the world, and gamers in the US, Europe, and China know it as the best brand.

Is Razer good for gaming?

The gaming mice produced by Razer are of the same high quality as the rest of the company’s peripherals. If you’re searching for a nice gaming mouse, you probably won’t go wrong with most alternatives from Razer because they’re well-built, have high performance, and allow for customization.

What is the cheapest Razer?

The 2020 Razer Blade 15 Base model is likely to be the least expensive Razer laptop worth buying. It costs about $1,599 or £1,599.

Is Razer a good brand for laptop?

The Razer brand of laptops is well-known in the gaming community and is also a solid choice for non-gamers who need a reliable computer for work. When compared to similar products, they operate exceptionally well and offer a wealth of useful features. However, they have flaws just like any other gaming laptop.


Razer is a brand that is known for selling numerous electronic accessories, especially those used for gaming as well as consumer goods.

This company is currently a household name in the gaming industry.

Just like most of the tech companies out there, Razer offers a student discount of 20% to students that buy items from their store.

You can only get this discount, though, if you are a student at an accredited university, college, high school, or technical school and can show proof of your student status on

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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