How To Get AMC Student Discount (FAQs)

AMC Student Discount: AMC is a movie theater brand that is very popular all over the world. This company offers lots of discounts that help their customers enjoy their services at lower costs.

Among the numerous discounts released by AMC is the student discount that is available in two folds. This article will provide information on both of them and how you can access them.

About AMC

AMC, which stands for American Multi-Cinema, is a firm that runs lots of movie theaters. This company owns and manages the biggest movie theatre chain on the globe.

Even though there is a lot of competition, AMC has done enough to stay on top as the best theater chain in the world. Their theaters offer a great movie experience.

Top Reasons To Use AMC

Besides the student discounts offered by AMC, here are some of the reasons why any student should use AMC:

1. MacGuffins Bar and Lounge

A good number of AMC outlets have bars under the MacGuffins brand. Thanks to them, you can easily buy some drinks and take them with you into the cinema hall.

Also, some AMC theaters have restaurants that you can go to even if you aren’t going to see a movie.

2. High-level standard

AMC theatres are built using top-notch innovations.

For instance, this cinema first used the stadium seating format that is now popular in all cinemas, and that arrangement enables everyone to see the screen very well, no matter their seating position or angle.

Moreover, AMC started using armchair rests before other cinemas, as well as seat booking services.

Their theaters are designed in a way that makes them very irresistible to anyone that uses them for the first time.

3. Gift cards

Gift cards are available at both the physical AMC theaters and online and, of course, can be used to purchase items.

4. Snack coupons

AMC offers snack vouchers that can be used to get free snacks, which makes the experience better.

AMC Student Discount

What is the Cost of seeing a movie at an AMC Theater?

You can see a movie at any AMC theatre by purchasing one of their black or yellow tickets. While the black tickets are sold at the cost of $8.50, the yellow tickets are sold at the cost of $10.25.

AMC Student Discounts

If you are a student and have your student ID with you, you can get discounted tickets at any AMC theater by taking advantage of any of the following deals:

1. 30% off daily tickets

You can watch movies for 30% off the ticket price at any AMC location if you go see the movie before 4 pm daily.

2. Tuesday discount

You can watch movies at an AMC theater for just $5 if you go there on Tuesday. However, this discount is not available at all locations.

AMC Theatre Alternatives

Here are some of the brands that are comparable to AMC:

1. Regal Cinemas

The Regal app is more of a free platform that allows you to search for movies and ShowTimes at cinemas in your vicinity and buy your tickets instantly.

With the Regal Cinemas app, you can use Google Maps to locate the cinemas after searching them out.

The Regal Cinemas app is user-friendly and has lots of amazing features that are very useful.

2. Cinemark Movie Club

Cinemark Movie Club is an app that allows you to look for movies and theaters in your area.

With this app, you can purchase tickets for movies, read about them before going to the hall, and receive gifts in return.

Cinemark Movie Club has membership plans that are all very beneficial.

This app can be downloaded on any IOS or Android device, and all you have to do to use it is sign up for an account and give your personal information.

3. SeatGeek

Through the SeatGeek app, you can easily purchase tickets to several sports events like MLS and NHL, as well as theatre shows.

You can even resell the ticket you purchased for a profit if you desire.

The SeatGeek app has a number of features that will help you pick a seat that will give you the best experience.

4. Mubi

Mubi is an app that is recommended for anyone that desires to watch trending films.

This app is downloadable to both iOS and Android devices, and its services can be enjoyed on the go no matter the location of the user.

It is an app that you can use to watch probably anything that you want as it streams a lot of content.

AMC Student Discount

5. Sinemia

Sinemia is a fantastic app that helps you stream many movies and enjoy a large variety of content whenever you can.

It creates a memorable movie experience for its users. Sinemia is downloadable for both Android and iOS devices.

6. Shudder

Shudder is an online platform that offers different genres of movies.

From films to trending television shows, this platform has more than enough content to make your day.

However, users can enjoy its services by subscribing to any of its plans, which are available at different prices.

Its content is regularly updated, making it an excellent place to go for trending movies.

7. Filmstruck

Filmstruck is a streaming app that enables its users to view movies in the highest quality without any hindrances.

However, any user of the app must subscribe to its services to enjoy an amazing experience.

Filmstruck is an app that is downloadable on both Android and web platforms.

People can easily search for their favorite movies and watch them in the highest quality possible thanks to this app.

8. Gametime

No list of the best alternatives to AMC would ever be complete without the addition of Gametime.

This app provides you with the best 50 seats out of numerous seats in a cinema that allows you to have better experiences. It is an excellent alternative to AMC.

9. Kanopy

Kanopy is an app that allows you to search for and watch amazing movies without any hassle.

It is highly recommended for people that watch movies a lot, as they offer new movies every day.

Kanopy enables you to find new titles that are uploaded to the platform each month and allows you to use reviews to access movies that you desire.

Moreover, Kanopy offers lots of programs that are informative for children no matter how old they are, and parents can easily download them for their kids.

10. MoviePass

MoviePass is the leading theatrical platform in the US that allows its users to watch films in several theaters at a low cost.

The app is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be used by anyone in the United States.

MoviePass offers a user-friendly app that can be understood by anyone.

However, to use the app, an individual must create an account using an authentic email address and full name, request the MoviePass card, and download the app even though the card has not yet been received by them.

As soon as the user gets the card in the mail, they can start looking for theaters, movies, and showtimes in their area.

Frequently Asked Questions on AMC Student Discount

What does AMC+ cost?

Each month, AMC+ costs $8.99. There are no ads on the service, and there are no other price tiers.

Is the AMC account free?

In terms of movie tickets, AMC Stubs has something for everyone. Sign up for AMC Stubs A-ListTM and get FREE online bookings, priority seating, and more every time you view up to three movies each week. Select “Premiere” if you want the best features, or “Insider” if you just want to get started.

Is AMC free on Hulu?

Hulu Live TV’s streaming service does not include AMC.

Does Netflix have AMC?

Still in progress.


AMC is a video theater brand that is very popular all over the US.

You can easily obtain their service at a low cost because they provide several discounts, such as the student discount and the Tuesday evening discount, which allow their customers to save money when they patronize them.

You can sign up for AMC without paying a dollar to enjoy several other amazing services besides movies.

This company even runs several online shows that allow prominent people in the film industry to air their views on some of the trending movies in the industry.

Awesome one; I hope this article answers your question.

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