UCF Provost Scholarship (Requirements, Application, Deferment)

UCF Provost Scholarship

University of Central Florida (UCF) Provost Scholarship is awarded to graduates entering high school through undergraduate admissions to celebrate outstanding academic performances.

There is no separate application for this scholarship program. Furthermore, those who apply to UCF for the fall or summer semesters are frequently considered.

What are the requirements for the UCF Provost Scholarship?

This scholarship is given to outstanding high school students accepted by undergraduate admissions for a fall or summer semester.

Students must enlist full-time each spring and fall term, usually a minimum of 12 UCF credit hours.

For this scholarship, part-time and dual hours taken at other institutions will not be calculated as part of the hours spent for full-time enrollment.

However, students can only be granted exceptions during their graduating semester.

For extension of the exception, a memo on letterhead must be provided by students from their academic advisor showing:

  • Their name and UCF ID
  • The due date for semester graduation
  • Courses required for graduation
  • The undergraduate degree to be bagged or received

In exceptional cases during the graduating semester, where a student enrolls in less than six UCF hours, the UCF Scholarship Committee must approve of it.


Students should have submitted their request two months at least before the beginning of their graduating semester for the committee to decide before the semester begins. 

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What does UCF Provost Scholarship Deferment mean?

In cases of Scholarship deferment, students request deferment with the major aim of engaging in activities that could cause distraction or hinder their needed continuous enrollment at the University of Central Florida.

A scholarship deferment request can maximally put the scholarship on hold for two semesters.

There are numerous reasons a scholarship deferment could be accepted. However, these reasons are not limited to: 

  • Military service
  • Internships/Co-Ops
  • Documented medical conditions
  • Religious missions, etc.

The student must meet the criteria for renewal of the scholarship at the time of postponement.

Moreover, a deferment can’t be granted for attendance at any higher educational institution.

UCF Provost Scholarship: Requirements for a Scholarship Deferment

Students requesting a deferment must complete the following:

  • State Programs Form
  • Scholarships Appeal Form 
  • Submit a letter stating the reason for the request
  • Documentation supporting the letter

All of these requirements/appeals must be submitted at least two months before the start of the semester in which the delay request will be implemented.

Failure to get approval from the UCF Scholarship Committee before departure from the university will cancel the scholarship.

What are the renewal requirements for the UCF Provost Scholarship?

Evaluation for academic progress and performance is done once a year, usually after posting spring grades.

To meet the requirements for the scholarship renewal, the following must be met by students every year:

  • Students must have completed 24 credit hours between the last fall and spring terms. For instance; If a student gets enrolled in 12 UCF credit hours during the fall semester and is available for 9 hours, the student would be required to enrol and complete 15 UCF credit hours successfully in the spring semester to earn an average of 24 credit hours by the end of the period of evaluation.
  • In both the spring and fall semesters, students must enroll for a minimum of 12 credit hours.
  • Students must also have been accepted prior to the start of the school year.
  • College students who gained admission before and after fall 2021 must complete a minimum average of 30 credit hours in an academic year, combining fall, spring students, and summer terms.
  • Students who earn less than 30 credit hours between the terms of fall and spring may use the summer semester to successfully earn the requirement of 30 credit hours for the renewal ultimately.
  • By the end of each spring term, students must also have earned the needed minimum UCF cumulative GPA. Moreso, grades earned during the summer, after evaluation of the spring term, may not be calculated along with the total grades to meet the requirements for the scholarship renewal.

UCF Provost Scholarship: What is Repeat Checking?

Lastly, repeat checking is a term used to describe how the University attends classes taken more than once.

If a class is repeated, consequences are implications for your academic level (sophomore, freshman, etc) and GPA.

However, typically, repeated classes do not lead to extra credit summing up for the degree.


The University of Central Florida (UCF) Provost Scholarship is awarded to students who have just finished high school and sought admission into the university.

Students with excellent or outstanding academic performances are offered the scholarship.

So, therefore, having an excellent academic performance is a plus and could give you an automatic consideration when applying for UCF Admission.

To send in your admission application, visit their website @ www.ucf.edu.

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