Belk College of Business (About, Tuition fees, Accreditation, Courses)

There are few business colleges globally; one of them is UNC Charlotte’s Belk College of Business which resides in North Carolina, USA.

UNC Charlotte’s Belk College of Business has been driving commercial enterprise within the Charlotte region for over 50 years.

This article will explain the Belk College of Business, courses, minor programs and many more.

About Belk College of Business? 

With outstanding undergraduate, master’s, doctoral, and executive programs, the university is regarded as one of the most prominent business universities in the Carolinas.

The number of graduates from the programs has surpassed 34,000, forming a strong Business Alumni Network.

As North Carolina’s urban studies business college, the College is dedicated to constructing sturdy partnerships which have lasting effects throughout the state.

The Belk College of Business is one of the largest and most numerous business colleges in the Carolinas, with over 3,900 undergraduate students, over 800 graduate students, over a hundred full-time colleges, and over 33,000 alumni.

The college of business and Accounting offers exceptional business education at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as executive education.

More so, Belk College of Business’ expertise and networks of North Carolina business experts integrate to supply incredible course and diploma offerings.

Ranking of Belk College of Business:

University of North Carolina-Charlotte (Belk) is ranked No. 73 (tie) in Part-time MBA and Unranked in Best Business Schools.

Schools are ranked based on their overall performance across a set of widely accepted excellence factors.

For the past decade, the MS in Real Estate program has been recognized among the top 20 most active real estate research institutions.

Is Belk College of Business Accredited? 

The Belk College is approved by AACSB International, the most beneficial accrediting organization for diploma programs in business management and accounting.

Less than five percent of business colleges have earned AACSB Accreditation.

What are the courses offered at Belk College of Business? 

The Belk College of Business at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte (Belk) gives these departments and concentrations: Accounting, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, General management, Health care management, Global business, Leadership, Marketing, Management Information systems, Portfolio management, Public management, Real estate, and many more.

The Belk College of Business gives undergraduate majors different concentrations for college students at UNC Charlotte.

Students who apply to the Belk College of Business and are approved are first classified as Pre-Accounting (PACC), Pre-Business (PBUS), or Pre-Economics (PECO) majors.

Students need to have earned a minimal cumulative GPA of 2.5 and a minimal GPA of 2.5 within the Progression Requirements to be accepted into one of the major programs.

These majors include:

  • Accounting, BS. 
  • Business Analytics, BSBA. 
  • Economics
  • Economics, Business Concentration, BS. 
  • Economics, Liberal Arts Concentration, BS. 
  • Finance
  • Finance, Finance Concentration, B.S.B.A. 
  • Finance, Finance/Accounting Joint Concentration, BSBA. 
  • Finance, Real Estate Concentration, BSBA. 
  • Finance, Risk Management and Insurance Concentration, BSBA. 
  • International Business, BSBA. 
  • Management
  • Management, Organizational Management Concentration, BSBA. 
  • Management, Talent Management Concentration, B.S.B.A. 
  • Management Information Systems, BSBA. 
  • Marketing
  • Marketing, Marketing Concentration, BSBA. 
  • Marketing, Marketing Analytics Concentration, BSBA. 
  • Operations and Supply Chain Management, BSBA.

The Master of Science in Data Science and Business Analytics (DSBA) is an interdisciplinary degree that combines business, computer and data sciences, records, and operations studies.

Minor Programs

The Belk College of Business gives four minors for college students at UNC Charlotte.

Students need to earn a minimal cumulative GPA of 2.5 to be common into the minor programs.

Also, students need to take all the courses required within the minor programs.

These minors include Economics, Minor International Management, Minor Management Information Systems, Minor Operations, and Supply Chain Management.

How much is the tuition fee at Belk College of Business? 

Its fee is part-time: $7,753 annually (in-state); part-time: $17,829 annually (out-of-state); specialty master’s: $7,753 annually (in-state); and specialty master’s: $17,829 annually (out-of-state).

What is the vision of Belk College of Business? 

The vision of the college is the main urban research business college.

They’re committed to cultivating a diverse subculture that inspires a thirst for knowledge and intellectual growth, as well as a desire to help others.

They conduct research to advance revolutionary business theory, policy, and practice.

Moreover, they train their college students to become leaders who are critical thinkers, morally informed, and globally aware through a strategic engagement with the Greater Charlotte community.

In executing its mission, the Belk College of Business is dedicated to the following shared values:


They have integrity as the essential foundation for trust, leadership, and organizational lifestyle.

Knowledge and Innovation:

They are dedicated to fostering intellectual curiosity, expanding knowledge, and fostering creativity.


They are passionate about business, study, and education.

Diversity and Inclusion: 

They create environments that develop mutual respect, increase understanding, and foster trust.

Global Citizenship: 

They promote international practices that are ethically sound and long-term in nature, as well as monetary and social value.

Requirements to graduate from Belk College of Business  

All business diplomas are composed of:

  • General Education Requirements
  • Progression Requirements
  • Core Requirements
  • Major Requirements
  • Electives.

College students need to achieve at least 120 earned credit score hours to graduate from UNC Charlotte.

“Non-Business Elective” and “General Elective” credit score hours deal with any shortfall needed to meet the 120 earned hours.

A Non-Business Elective may be any course provided by the University that isn’t within the Belk College of Business.

A General Elective may be any course provided by the University that isn’t already doing a diploma requirement.

Official Website:

The official website for all application is Belk College


As North Carolina’s urban studies business college, they are dedicated to constructing sturdy partnerships which have an enduring effect throughout the state.

Business Niners share UNC Charlotte’s history, values, and ambitious entrepreneurial spirit.

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