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Ukraine is one of the best destinations for a college education. Thus, if you are aspiring to study in Ukraine, this article will provide general requirements for studying in Ukraine, five amazing Ukrainian scholarships for international students, tips for landing these scholarships, and top reasons why you should study in Ukraine.

General admission requirements for International students in Ukraine

Studying in Ukraine is an ideal decision for any student. However, to stand a chance of securing admission into any Ukrainian college, you must satisfy the following requirements;

  • A completed university application form
  • Payment of college application fee
  • A copy of your high school certificate
  • Five credit passes in subjects significant to your chosen major
  • A copy of your International passport
  • Payment of processing fees for Visa Support Letter
  • Evidence of Language proficiency

5 Amazing Ukrainian Scholarships for International Students

Winning a scholarship is an achievement that will ease the costs of studying in any Ukrainian school. Thus, here is a list of 5 amazing Ukrainian scholarship programs for international students;

Ukrainian International Education Council Scholarships and Grants

The Ukrainian International Education Council Scholarships and Grants is an initiative of the Ukrainian government that supports the education of international students at any Ukrainian national university.

This scholarship is awarded based on academic excellence and financial need.

However, to qualify for the Ukrainian International Education Council Scholarships and Grants, aspirants must receive authorizations to study in Ukraine from their countries of origin.

The Gilman Scholarship program 

The Gilman scholarship program is for American students who wish to study in Ukraine but lack the financial means.

This initiative rewards these students with cash prizes between $4000 and $5000, with certain winners receiving an additional $8000.

Thus, the Gilman Scholarship program is one of the best scholarships for American students vying to study in Ukraine.

International Visegrad Fund

It is offered to Polish, Czech, Slovakian, and Hungarian graduate students wishing to pursue master’s and doctorate degrees in foreign universities.

Since 2000, this scholarship has provided about $7 million in awards to students from Visegrad Group countries.

The IREX Scholarship

The IREX Scholarship is an initiative of IREX, an organization funded by the government to support and coordinate leading research projects.

This scholarship funds the education of graduates seeking to complete research projects in Eastern Europe that will contribute to the development of America.

The IREX scholarship lasts between two months and nine months.

Education Future International Scholarship

The Education Future International Scholarship is a program that is funded by several scholarship alumni worldwide as a way of contributing to society.

This scholarship is only open to aspirants from India that are seeking to pursue a degree in a university outside India.

Nevertheless, the Education Future International Scholarship is only awarded to Indian students that show a financial need.

Tips for landing Ukrainian Scholarships

There are several international scholarship opportunities available for foreign students seeking to study in Ukraine. However, to improve your chances of landing this scholarship, apply the following tips below;

Satisfy the requirements:

Every international scholarship in Ukraine has its requirements.

While some are awarded based on merit, a few are still awarded based on the financial need of an individual.

Hence, check the requirements of scholarships to avoid applying for scholarships that you are not qualified for.

Have an excellent academic record: 

Most international scholarships in Ukraine are awarded based on academic excellence.

So, if you are still in high school and want to study in Ukraine on a scholarship, a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale will help you achieve your aim.

Obtain glowing recommendation letters: 

If a scholarship program requires two or three recommendation letters from you, submit letters of recommendation written by referees that have sufficient knowledge of your academic abilities.

Write an amazing essay: 

If a scholarship requires an essay, write one that clearly explains the topic and have it professionally edited.

Complete your application: 

Visit the scholarship’s official website to double-check the application procedure and complete them to prevent missing out on a scholarship due to a simple mistake.

Beat the deadline:

All scholarships have their official deadline. Hence, organize the relevant documents and complete your registration weeks before the deadline to elude last-minute rushes and omissions.

Target the less-rewarding scholarships:

Some Ukrainian scholarships for international students only cover a small percentage of the tuition costs. However, invest more of your energy into these scholarships because they have lesser competition.

Apply to numerous scholarships:

Go online and make researches on scholarships that you qualify for and apply them accordingly to give you different options in case of disappointments.

Top 10 reasons to study in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the best destinations for learning. As an international student, aspire to study in Ukraine due to the following reasons;

Excellent universities:

Most universities in Ukraine are equipped with state-of-the-art learning facilities that offer high-quality practical learning experiences.

World-class teaching standards:

Several colleges in Ukraine adopt top-notch technologies to ease learning and achieve more efficiency.

Favorable climate:

The climate in Ukraine is modest and good for students from any part of the world. 

Travel discounts:

Ukraine awards international students travel discounts of almost 50% for trips to Ukraine from their host countries.

Professional exposure:

Ukrainian colleges constantly organize seminars, summits, and symposiums and hire seasoned industry professionals to educate students professionally.

Permanent residence after graduation:

After completing their tertiary education in Ukraine, international students can easily receive permanent residence permits to settle in the country.

High job opportunities:

Having a job in Ukraine is very easy because the government has programs that create jobs for graduates.

English as a teaching language:

English is the official instruction language in several Ukrainian schools. Hence, as an international student, you won’t be hindered by the language barrier.

Ukrainian Scholarships:


There are several Ukrainian scholarships for international students. These scholarships can fund your education in Ukraine, which is one of the best countries for college education.

However, to stand a chance of landing these scholarships, read this article to uncover some helpful Ukrainian scholarship landing tips for international students. 

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