Top Music theatre schools in the World in 2022 (Expert Research)

Music theatre schools

Music theatre schools are educational institutions that offer intensive training to students seeking to obtain a degree in music theatre or a music-theatre-related field.

These schools provide rigorous drama, singing, and dancing training to prepare students for various careers in music theatre.

Music theatre is a major for passionate and enthusiastic students only. Moreover, it is a field that offers several career opportunities.

To provide more information on musical theatre, this article will discuss the qualities required for a successful music theatre career, top reasons to get a music theatre degree, and some top musical theatre schools in the world.

What is a music theatre school?

A music theatre school is a college that empowers students with acting, singing, and dancing knowledge.

Music theatre is still a top form of entertainment in the present age, and it serves as an inspiration to lots of people every day.

Qualities required for building a successful career in Music Theatre

Excelling in a music theatre career is possible if you take the lessons seriously and practice very often.

Moreover, to become a top music theatre professional someday, practice the following qualities right now;


Succeeding in the music theatre industry requires genuine self-confidence because you will perform in front of large halls packed with a packed audience.

If you feel nervous most times, work on it and use it to your advantage. 


Always see each performance as an avenue to improve. Whether you are playing a new role or doing the same thing for the twentieth time, putting all your efforts into it will boost your abilities.


Don’t limit your abilities to only one task. While you may be asked to dance as a woman in one set, another may require you to sing.

No matter what the case may be, practice and develop your singing, dancing, and acting abilities which are the rudiments of music theatre.


If your director is looking for a new concept for a particular show, develop yourself to the point that you become indispensable to the team for the ideas you give. 

Time management:

If you are assigned a particular task in a show, learn your roles very well ahead of the D-day.

If you are meant to dance, practice extra, and if it is singing, train your voice well to avoid poor performances.


Don’t be that music theatre dancer or singer that is only seen on the day of the show.

Instead, create a profile for yourself in the industry by leveraging social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to get more followers and build a strong fanbase.


Develop the ability to master your roles with ease without taking too long or needing additional cues.

Directors prefer music theatre artists that quickly master roles assigned to them.

Top Reasons to get a music theatre Degree

Career flexibility:

Obtaining a music theatre degree opens up numerous career opportunities.

As a music theatre artist, you can dance in music videos, feature in songs, or pursue digital media careers.

One thing is sure; there is always an opportunity for you.


A career in music theatre is very satisfying. Performing in front of capacity halls gives off an incomparable feeling of joy and ecstasy.

Intensive theatre training:

A degree in music theatre will expose you to intensive theatre training, the foundation of performing art.

With the practical experience you possess, you can play a key role in any theatre.

Career connection:

During your degree studies, you will contact top career professionals that could link you up with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Relating with these seasoned professionals will tremendously boost your music theatre abilities.

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Becoming a star in the music theatre industry will make you famous and earn you respect in society.

Also, you will become a social media influencer and make money by running advertisements for various companies.

Boost your creative abilities:

A career in music theatre boosts your innovative abilities and skill.

You can function well in any career field with high creative abilities by providing valuable solutions to various challenges.

Develop life skills:

Pursuing a degree in music theatre will empower you with life skills such as time management, self-confidence, critical thinking, and quick learning, which are useful traits in any area of life.

Learn different cultures: 

Playing different roles in various songs is a great way to understand the cultures and ethnicities of people from several backgrounds. 

Top Musical Theatre Schools in the World

There are numerous musical theatre schools in the world at the moment. These schools train students on the theory and practice of singing, dancing, and acting.

Also, they have top-class facilities that will develop your top musical theatre skills immensely.

Hence, in no particular order, here is a list of the top musical theatre schools in the world;

Marymount Manhattan College:

The Marymount Manhattan College is one of the creative music theatre schools in the world.

This school aims to develop students with high creative abilities capable of performing different roles in music theatre.

Marymount Manhattan College allows their students to choose their dance moves and aid their development; this school exposes them to dance training programs regularly.

Marymount Manhattan College is a school that adopts an inclusive education style that boosts the abilities of musical theatre students. 

Pace University:

Pace University is located in New York, US. It is an institution that empowers students with musical theatre professional experience.

Pace University has one of the best learning methods that enhances the career potential of students.

It is an outstanding university for musical theatre studies.

Point Park University:

Point Park University is a world-class learning centre with seasoned professors capable of nurturing you with the best musical theatre education.

This school exposes its students to professional experiences through internships in top music theatre companies and organizations.

Point Park University remains one of the best destinations for obtaining a musical theatre degree.

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Boston Conservatory:

Boston Conservatory is one of the best schools for musical theatre studies.

This school provides a conducive learning environment that offers some of the best musical theatre degree studies facilities.

In addition, Boston Conservatory offers high-level training in dance, music, and theatre, and its curriculum covers a wide range of creative and professional aspects of musical theatre. 

Roosevelt University:

The College of Performing Arts Musical Program at Roosevelt University offers top-quality musical theatre learning experiences.

This school boasts of some of the best musical theatre faculty members that are quite renowned worldwide.

It is one of the best schools for obtaining a music theatre degree.

Ithaca University:

Ithaca University is a top musical theatre school in the world at the moment. The academic program in this school is personalized to suit the career path of each student.

Also, Ithaca University offers an opportunity for graduates to network and connect with field professionals after graduation through the Ithaca University alumni program.

Moreover, this school has dedicated staff, a conducive environment, first-rate learning facilities, and an avenue for students to receive personal mentorship and professional guidance. 

Carnegie Mellon University:

Carnegie Mellon University deservedly sits on this list due to its learning technique.

This school uses technology to develop the skills of its students in acting, movement, voice, and speech.

Carnegie Mellon University has an intensive learning curriculum that provides a full music theatre learning experience.

Above all, its state-of-the-art facilities are some of the very best in the field. Graduating from Carnegie Mellon University will also connect you with endless career opportunities. 

Emerson College:

Emerson College is a school that have countless international students.

Established in 1880, this school has recorded giant strides by producing several superstars in the musical theatre industry.

Emerson College enrols its students in several high-quality pieces of training to boost their abilities in musical theatre production and entertainment.

Florida State University:

Florida University may be renowned for Science and Technology; however, it is one of the best schools for obtaining a musical theatre degree.

Florida State University has some of the liberal art professors in the world with amazing learning experiences. 

Molloy College:

If you are looking to specialize in a singing career, Molloy College is the best destination for you. This school offers rigorous training for singers, dancers and actors.

Molly College exposes its students to various academic and studio classes that will boost and enhance their abilities and talents.

It is an A-listed University for obtaining a musical theatre degree.


The musical theatre schools listed above are the best schools to obtain a musical theatre degree.

These schools have the best crop of professionals and top-class facilities that will boost your musical theatre abilities.

Also, these schools have initiatives in place to connect you with professionals that will help you reach the peak of your career.

Thus, obtaining a degree in any of the schools listed above is a step towards building a successful musical theatre career.

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