How to Become a Guitar Tech (Meaning, Career, Tools, Tips, FAQs)

The music industry offers various potentially rewarding career paths, catering to diverse individual interests.

If you need your acoustic or electric guitar fixed, go no further than a guitar repair professional. As a guitar repair expert, you are responsible for fixing any problems that may arise with a guitar.

This article explains the tips on becoming a guitar tech, the career associated with being a guitar tech, and the FAQs.

Who is a Guitar Tech?

A guitar tech, sometimes known as a guitar technician, is a trained expert who ensures guitarists’ instruments are in top shape.

Guitar techs are essential to the music industry because of the work they do in instrument setup, maintenance, and repairs.

The job of a guitar technician is to know how everything in a guitar functions separately and together.

Taking a guitar-building course is an excellent approach to becoming familiar with the ins and outs of guitar mechanics from the ground up.

Who is a Luthier?

A luthier is a person who makes or fixes string instruments that have necks and sound boxes. Earning a degree in instrument repair will qualify you for entry-level positions in the field.

What Does a Guitar Tech Do?

The job of the guitar tech is to keep the guitars in top playing shape so that the musicians may give their whole attention to the performance rather than fretting over instrument malfunctions.

The duties of a guitar technician span from initial instrument assembly to routine upkeep and troubleshooting.

On the other hand, a guitar technician’s job is not only to fix broken instruments on the spot but also to guarantee that their components are disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

A guitar workshop is a place where people can go to fix or get their guitars fixed.

What Tools To Work As A Guitar Technician

  1. Screwdrivers and Allen wrenches
  2. String winder and cutter
  3. Fret files and leveling tools
  4. Multimeter.
  5. Soldering iron and solder

Is Being a Guitar Tech A Good Career Path?

Yes, it is. The job of a guitar technician is to ensure that every guitar is in good playing condition.

Although being a guitar technician is often portrayed positively, you should weigh the benefits and drawbacks before deciding.

The music industry offers various career paths, each with the potential for excitement and financial reward.

The number of people employed in the craft and fine art trade is expected to increase by roughly 100% between 2019 and 2029, as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

How to Become a Guitar Tech

1. Earn a High School Diploma

Some community colleges provide training in guitar technology for students with a high school diploma or GED.

Although not strictly mandatory, obtaining a high school diploma confers a distinct advantage to individuals aspiring to pursue a career as a guitar technician.

Students should prioritize their focus on academic subjects, including music, band, English, shop class, and mathematics.

Technicians frequently require the ability to rely on auditory perception and possess the capacity to discern subtle variations in an instrument’s tone and tune.

2. In-depth Understanding of a Guitar:

Becoming a guitar tech requires an in-depth understanding of the instrument and its parts. Get started with some fundamental guitar skills and music theory lessons.

Learn about the various guitars, their qualities, and their individual quirks. Improve your playing by playing frequently and trying out new approaches.

3. Obtain a Degree:

Several colleges/universities provide technical and musical programs tailored to individuals aspiring to pursue a career as a guitar technician.

Guitar technology courses encompass a comprehensive range of topics.

Enrolling in courses encompassing musical theory and music technology can prove advantageous in propelling the professional trajectory of a guitar technician.

4. Learn From the Best through Internships:

One of the best ways to learn guitar repair is through an apprenticeship. You’ll get hands-on experience with various tools and learn to fix guitars.

Those with a deep love of music and a desire to share that love with others may find this an ideal profession.

The Southeast Guitar Repair Academy is an online school offering a thorough guitar repair program. The cost of their courses is far lower than that of traditional Luthier Schools.

This internship allows you to work alongside seasoned guitar technicians and learn from their expertise firsthand.

Take advantage of any opportunities for internships or apprenticeships in the guitar industry to learn from professionals while gaining practical experience.

Get in on the action of mending things and making sure they get fixed. This practical experience is crucial to developing your reputation as a credible guitar tech.

5. Connect:

Making connections is crucial in the music business. Meet other musicians, music producers, and industry experts by going to local music events, concerts, and seminars.

Networking with influential people in your field can lead to new career and partnership opportunities.

Connecting with others in the guitar repair industry might help you learn new tricks and keep up with industry developments.

Investing in quality tools is essential for delivering professional-level guitar tech services. While the initial cost may be high, having reliable tools will save you time and ensure your work is of the highest quality.

6. Market Yourself:

Create a website or portfolio that demonstrates your expertise and includes client testimonials.

Then, promote your services by spreading the word about them on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to attract more customers.

Give free setup clinics or demos at events like music festivals, workshops, or guitar shops to show your abilities to potential clients.

Doing so will aid in establishing your expertise and bringing you more attention from potential clients.

More so, give your services away for free to local bands and artists in exchange for positive reviews and word-of-mouth advertising. A solid client base will go a long way toward establishing your credibility as a guitar tech.

How Much Does A Guitar Tech Make?

The median annual income for a guitar technician in the United States is $51,552, which equates to an hourly wage of almost $25.

The highest-income earners exceed an annual income level of $80,000, and the lower earners fall below an annual income level of $33,000.

FAQs on How to Become a Guitar Tech

What is a guitar technician called?

A luthier

What is the full name of the guitar?

Guitarra Morisca

What are guitar players called?

A guitarist 

Can anyone become a guitarist?

Anyone can learn to play the guitar like a pro if they put in the time and effort. The first and foremost thing you need to do is hone your guitar-playing talents to the point where you’re in demand as a professional musician. Then, you should commit yourself to a lifelong process of education and development.


Pursuing a profession as a guitar technician is a gratifying vocational decision for individuals who possess a fervent enthusiasm for guitars and a natural aptitude for the repair and upkeep of musical instruments.

On the other hand, making guitars is a challenging and rewarding skill to learn. To become a successful guitarist, you must put in much time and work.

A certificate or certification program at a technical or trade school can provide the education you need, but you’ll also need an in-depth knowledge of the guitar and a love of music.

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